Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation


Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation

Skilled Nursing Services (SNF)


  • What’s SNF care?

    Skilled care is health care given when you need skilled nursing or therapy staff to treat, manage, observe, and evaluate your care. Examples of SNF care include intravenous injections and physical therapy. Care that can be given by non‐professional staff isn’t considered skilled care. People don’t usually stay in a SNF until they’re completely recovered because Medicare only covers certain SNF care services that are needed daily on a short‐term basis (up to 100 days).

    Skilled care involves safe and effective care given by skilled nursing or rehabilitative staff.

    Skilled nursing and therapy staff includes:

  • Registered nurses

  • Licensed practical and vocational nurses

  • Physical and Occupational Therapists

  • Speech‐language pathologists

  • Audiologists

Windsong's skilled nursing tram consists of RN's LVN's Medication Aides, Restorative Aides and Certified Nursing Assistants.  We provide IV Therapy, Wound Care, Diabetic Care, Cardiac and Respiratory Care, Post Surgical Recovery and Medication Management. We utilize an electronic medical record for real-time communication and updates on labs/physician orders/patient reports and physician communications. This system arms us with a powerful tool to be more timely and responsive to changes of condition in our patients and makes our physicians more effective in early detection of at-risk situations. 

Rehabilitation Services 

When you no longer need the amount of care provided in the hospital, the hospital will begin the process to discharge you.

Most people hope to go straight home from the hospital after surgery or being ill. But even if you and your doctor planned for you to go home, your recovery may be slower than expected. 

Windsong Care Center provides care for people who are not yet able to care for themselves at home. After your stay at Windsong, you may be able to return home and care for yourself.

Windsong's rehabilitation team is a highly experienced group of clinicians who are facility employees, not contractors. We are not pressured for high productivity, allowing us to really spend quality time with our patients and family members.

We offer comprehensive Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy and Respiratory Therapy Services. Our approach strongly encourages family involvement. Families are welcome to come to therapy with their loved ones, and make themselves available to the rehab staff in person or by phone as needed throughout the recovery process. We take pride in our work everyday, and it shows by the patients who are able to return to their homes in the community.

Our Rehab Unit is staffed with specially trained Nurses and Nursing Assistants who work in close partnership with our Therapists to provide well-coordinated care for our recovering patients. The Unit offers a covered entrance for Ambulance and transport drop off/pick up with a dedicated Nurses Station and Family Lounge just inside. Taking advantage of our outdoor patios and grounds, we encourage our patients to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine as part of our daily programming. 

For our Short-Term Patients, our focus is on a safe return to home. We offer and place great emphasis on taking the patient home, assessing safety and mobility needs in the home environment. We try to do the home assessment well in advance of the day of discharge, allowing the final days of therapy to focus on those needs identified in the visit. Patients and families benefit from this "dry run" as a way of learning how close to readiness for discharge home the patient is.

For our Long-Term Residents, our focus is on assisting them in achieving and maintaining their highest and safest level of functional independence. Residents are screened periodically as well as anytime upon request of family or staff to identify possible functional declines. The Rehab Team includes several specially trained Restorative Nursing Assistants who offer mobility support to our patients as an extension of the skilled rehabilitation process.